Norwegian Sanctions on Russia and Governments measures related to the war in Ukraine.

The Norwegian government has proposed to strengthen civil and military preparedness in Norway by a total of approximately NOK 3.5 billion. Norway is also implementing sanctions against Russia, and the government proposes, among other things, to provide 50 million in support to particularly affected companies in East Finnmark. 

At the same time, the Norwegian government is preparing for different arrival scenarios. The estimate is now that it can reach 35,000 refugees, the highest number ever.- The war in Ukraine has enormous consequences for the Ukrainian people. It will create lasting changes for the world, for Europe and for Norway. 

The government is now planning both for the immediate and for the long term, says Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Støre, the Prime Minister reported to the Storting on the government's measures to deal with various consequences of the war in Ukraine. The measures proposed by the government will be gathered in a proposition and presented to the Storting at the beginning of April.

Strengthening Norwegian defense and preparedness.

The government proposed to strengthen the defense with NOK 3 billion and the civil emergency with NOK 500 million already this year.- The war has changed Europe, and we are facing a new security policy reality. Norway must have good civil preparedness, and we must equip our defense in the best possible way to meet the new reality, says Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Støre.

Influx of Refugees from Ukraine.

The war in Ukraine has led to the largest influx of refugees since World War II. 3 million Ukrainians have already left the country.- We do not know how many will come here, so we are planning for several different scenarios. We will welcome those who seek safe haven with us, says Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Støre. Every day, Ukrainian refugees cross the border into Norway. In total, there have been close to 3,000 refugees so far. 

It is uncertain how many will come, but it is now planned that 35,000 refugees may come here. Norway will take our share of the refugees in cooperation with other European countries and has already decided to offer to bring 2,500 refugees from Moldova. In addition, we offer 550 places for medical evacuation and at the same time aim to receive the next of kin, limited to apply to spouse, own children, parents or similar close family members, estimated at about 2750 people.

Sanctions on Russia.

The EU has adopted several sanctions packages. Norway immediately announced that we would introduce sanctions in Norway as well.- President Putin miscalculated the strong unity between European and allied countries. We have stood together for Ukraine. We have stood together against Russia's illegal war, said PM Støre. 

The sanctions that the EU has adopted, up to and including 9 March, have been introduced into Norwegian law.- We are introducing the most comprehensive sanctions ever on European soil. It is a natural choice to stand together with European and Nordic countries. The goal is to affect Russia's ability to wage its illegal war. They also affect Belarus as involved, said PM Støre.

The sanctions are a comprehensive extension of the sanctions that Norway introduced in 2014 after Russia's annexation of Crimea, and they have now been incorporated into Norwegian law. This ensures that the Norwegian authorities have comprehensive regulations that provide a basis for enforcing the sanctions and that make it easier to comply with the legislation.

The Prime Minister of Norway said Norwegian trade with Russia is small, and therefore the sanctions will not affect many companies, but some will still be hit hard, especially in Eastern Finnmark.- The government will therefore put forward proposals to expand loan schemes, allocate NOK 50 million distributed via the county municipality, and establish a support scheme for the companies that are now hit particularly hard by Russia's warfare and sanctions.