The people of Afghanistan are still starving - To turn our backs on them is morally wrong.

A liberal world order that puts military and economic sanctions before food is neither liberal nor orderly. 

How can it be that, in the start of 2022, the world is allowing millions of Afghan children still to face death from starvation.? 

And this after months during a score of governments, and humanitarians have been publicly pleading for immediate action to stop the cascade of Afghan lives lost to famine and malnutrition. 

The guarantees of assistance made by world powers have melted into a trail of broken promises. 

If we do not act, 97 % of Afghans could still soon be living below the poverty line. In other words, to be Afghan today is to be sentenced to dire poverty or destitution. 

Now we are witnessing a similarly shameful and self-defeating failure to prevent famine. Our reluctance to act is not only a moral outrage but will have real-world consequences.

This is the new world order revealed at its most selfish and morally defective: countries are locked into the narrow nationalism of “America first”, “Britain first”, “China first”, “Russia first”, “my tribe first”, and trapped in a geopolitics that puts military wars and economic sanctions before food for the hungry.

Remember that to turn our backs now on ordinary Afghans in their hour of greatest need would be the final insult: a badge of shame that the free world will carry for ever.

Expressing concerns over the starvation level in Afghanistan. Nearly 23 million people in Afghanistan are still starving.  

Imagine that its is your little girl or your little boy, or your grandchild about to starve to death. You would do everything you possibly could to help. For most of us, it comes down to a decision to donate. For Afghan parents, it’s the choice of which child to sell for food.

The world must not forget and still remember to help children and families affected by the hunger crisis in Afghanistan. 

The tragic situation in Afghanistan is heartbreaking.  Please keep donating to Afghanistan so that different food programs can still provide food, blankets and hygiene supply kits to Afghans that are starving.