Elon Musk is one of the great entrepreneurial innovators of our time.

Visionary entrepreneur Elon Musk is the charismatic co-founder of PayPal and Tesla, as well as the founder of SpaceX, Neuralink, and The Boring Company. He serves as CEO of Tesla and CEO/lead designer of SpaceX.

Elon Reeve Musk was born in 1971 in Pretoria, one of South Africa’s three capital cities. His father was an engineer, and his mother a model and nutritionist. He is the oldest of three children. By his own account, Musk is a self-described bookworm, he reads voraciously, everything from encyclopedias to comic books. 

Musk took control as CEO and product architect and under his watch, Tesla has become one of the world’s most popular and coveted car brands.  In addition to producing electric vehicles, Tesla maintains a robust presence in the solar energy space, thanks to its acquisition of SolarCity. Founded in 2006, this clean-energy-services company currently produces two rechargeable solar batteries, mainly used for stationary energy storage purposes. The smaller Powerwall was developed for home backup power and off-the-grid use, while the larger Powerpack is intended for commercial or electric utility grid use.

His car company, Tesla, controls two-thirds of the multibillion-dollar electric-vehicle market it pioneered and is valued at a cool $1 trillion. That has made Musk, the richest private citizen in history, at least on paper. 

He’s a player in robots and solar, cryptocurrency and climate, brain-computer implants to stave off the menace of artificial intelligence and underground tunnels to move people and freight at super speeds. He dominates Wall Street . The way finance works now is that things are valuable not based on their cash flows but on their proximity to Elon Musk.

Musk used much of the proceeds of his PayPal sale to found Space Exploration Technologies Corporation, commonly known as SpaceX, an interstellar travel company. By his own account, Musk spent $100 million to found SpaceX in 2002. With SpaceX, Musk landed several high-profile contracts with NASA and the U.S. Air Force to design rockets and conduct military missions. Musk has been vocal about his plans to send an astronaut to Mars by 2025 in a collaborative effort with NASA. 

During a TV show Saturday Night Live, Musk revealed that he has Asperger's syndrome, a mild form of autism spectrum disorder. "I'm actually making history tonight he said as the first person with Asperger's to host SNL. Or at least the first person to admit it," he said. 

Musk’s early interests in philosophy, science fiction, and fantasy novels are reflected in his sense of idealism and concern with human progress—and in his business career. He works in the areas that he has identified as crucial to our future, specifically the Internet, the transition to renewable energy sources, and space colonization. 

He has defied critics, disrupted industries, and made advances in all three of these frontiers, via his creation of PayPal, Tesla Motors, SolarCity, and SpaceX— game changers all them, despite their sometimes rocky performances. 

The richest man in the world does not own a house and has recently been selling off his fortune. He tosses satellites into orbit and harnesses the sun; he drives a car he created that uses no gas and barely needs a driver. With a flick of his finger, the stock market soars or swoons. An army of devotees hangs on his every utterance. He dreams of Mars as he bestrides Earth,

Elon is the man who aspires to save our planet and get us a new one to inhabit:, visionary, industrialist, showman, hes a madcap hybrid of Thomas Edison, P.T. Barnum, Andrew Carnegie and Watchmen’s Doctor Manhattan, the brooding, blue-skinned man-god who invents electric cars and moves to Mars. His startup rocket company, SpaceX has leapfrogged Boeing and others to own America’s spacefaring future.

Musk hides his large frame under the massive steel ring that holds the tallest, most powerful rocket ever designed and peers up at the dozens of engine nozzles that will power it. His fluffy little gray dog, Marvin, follows close behind the heels of his black cowboy boots, which Musk always pairs with a black Tom Ford jacket and black jeans. 

When Elon gets into something, he develops just this different level of interest in it than other people - This is what differentiates Elon from the rest of humanity. Genius is a word that is frequently associated with Musk. There is one sense in which Musk, in my view, is very wise, which is that he understands that he doesn’t have forever. In other words: Get in, We’re going to Mars. 

We thank Elon Musk for his leadership and for the sustainable way forward in the automotive industry. His showcasing of that how businesses can help confront and peacefully solve the world’s most demanding and complex problems are truly one of a kind. 

Elon Musk is from a group of fairly high achievers, he always stood way outside the bell curve from many others. The man does not take no for an answer. He locks his gaze on to something and says, ‘it shall be mine or it shall be done! and then Elon Musk always delivers in whatever project he is working on.

There is a need for global dialogue about the importance of the peaceful exploration of technology to benefit all humankind. Elon Musk intends to help problems on Earth and to help establish a self-sustaining city on Mars to ensure the continuation of life.

Thanks to his commitment, talent, and abilities clean technologies began to gain ground in key sectors like transport and energy. The technologies that Elon Musk is working on give humanity a peaceful chance to eventually save the world. 

Elon Musk fundamentally changed the world through the automotive industry. Elon Musk no doubt restored the true meaning to the words innovation and sustainability. And we are now watching a thrilling battle to save our planet. Because of his vital contribution to the introduction of clean technologies the planet has become more peaceful. 

Elon Musk is truly the real hero of the technological age,’ without his charisma, revolutionary technologies would not have taken hold so quickly and on such a large scale. 

If you have a chance to save the world, you have to do it like Elon Musk.