United Peace and Security has aspired to attract peace innovators and leaders from all over the world. 

United Peace and Security is a stategic peace organization that incubates and advances collaborative news in the world. 

United Peace and Security is a not-for-profit peace, media and International organization. We are working to accelerate the development of responsible peace practices worldwide and we rely on contributions from public, private sector and individual supporters to carry out our mission. 

We know that the challenges facing the world are becoming increasingly complex. United peace and security will meet these challenges through its strong commitment around the world, with broad engagement in peace work and through International media and charity cooperation.

Global change requires joint action. UNPAS believes in meaningful partnerships that work together towards the protection of meaningful citizen representation and rights. Working in partnerships is a way to ensure the highest relevance in our work, identifying synergies and combining efforts to increase our collaborative reach.

Equality, mutual respect, and trust are essential principles for the UNPAS, and the basis for our partnerships. We are attentive and always listen to diverse perspectives in our collaborations.

Join us as we continue to pursue new opportunities to advance peace.

Thank You!

Director - UNPASS - United Peace And Security.